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Exchange Rates

Schedule of Service Charges

SERVICE CHARGES W. E.F. 01-04-2016


1 Demand Drafts/Mail Transfers/Telegraphic Transfers/ Swift payment, transfers remittance charges other than FCNR deposits to remitters own name (free)    
  Up to GBP 5000 10.00 10.00
  Over GBP 5000 1.00 Per
Min. -USD/Euro 10
Max. -
USD/ Euro 200
2.00 Per 1000
Minimum -
  Postal charges for Mail Transfers 10.00 5.00
  Swift Charges for Telegraphic Transfers ( Over and above remittance charges mentioned above) other than our own TDR maturity proceeds 20.00 10.00
  Payment instruction by CHAPS - other than our own TDR maturity proceeds N.A 25.00
  Amendment to Payment instructions (MT/DD) 20.00 10.00
  Amendment to payment instructions (Telegraphic Transfer)
Correspondent bank charges to be levied additionally
40.00 20.00
  Cancellation/Issue of duplicate Demand Draft 24.00 12.00
  Inward Remittances (For USD and EURO remittances) 20.00 10.00
  Third party payments from Other U.K. banks for A/Cs of Indian branch customers through London branch N.A 25
  Third party payments from BOI, Non U.K. branches to Other U.K. banks through London branch N.A 10

Rupee Remittances / NRI Services (Amount in GBP)

S. No Type BOI, U.K. Customers Non- BOI, U.K.
1 Opening of NRE/NRO/ FCNR A/c Free
(only postal charges of GBP 20 will be charged)
(only postal charges of GBP 20 will be charged)
2 INR Remittances to A/c with BOI, Indian branches Free Up to 1000 - 3

1001- 5000 - 5 Above 5000 - 10
3 INR Remittance to A/c not with BOI, Indian branches Up to 1,000 - 3 1001- 5000 - 5 Above 5,000 - 10 Up to 1,000 - 5 1001- 5000 - 10 Above 5,000 - 20
4 Cash handling charges for Remittances
(No free limit)
0.30 per 100 or part there of Minimum charge -3 0.30 per 100 or part there of Minimum charge -3
5 Postal charges for Renewal of NRO/NRE/FCNR TDR 20 20
6 Addition/ deletion of Name in NRE/NRO/FCNR Accounts 20/- per account 20/- per account
7 Arranging for duplicate TDR for NRE/NRO/FCNR accounts 20 per TDR 20 per TDR
8 Any other services related NRI A/c 10 per occasion 20 per occasion
9 Attestation of signature/ pass port/ address proof- If advised by our Indian branch Free 10
10 Attestation of signature/ pass port/ address proof-( If not advised by Indian Branch) 10 20
11 Live- certificate for pensioners Free 5 per certificate


1 A/c Transaction charges per entry
(Only for Current Accounts -CA)
  • For USD/ Euro account
0.50 per entry

1.00 per entry
2 Cheque return charges (In/out ward) 20 per instrument
3 Special Presentation of Cheque by us 10.00
4 Collection of USD/EUR Cheques 2 per 1000
Minimum 20
Maximum 150
5 Charges for not maintaining minimum balance
a. Current Account
b. SB Account

2 per month
1 per month
6 Return of Direct debit 20 per entry
7 Stop payment of Cheque 20 per instrument
8 Issue of bankers cheque (Other than proceeds of TDR with us) 10 per cheque
9 Duplicate Statement of Account 10
10 Balance Confirmation Certificate 20
11 Information/Certificate to be supplied to auditors of constituents 20
12 Status Enquiry / Banker's Report 20
13 Withdrawal against unclear effects (Temporary Overdraft Charges)
(Reference Rate: GBP Base Rate; USD Prime Rate; EUR ECB Rate)
7.00% Over Ref. Rate
14 Closure of Accounts (Applicable for current accounts only)
a. Personal Accounts
b. Business Accounts

15 Issue of Duplicate TDR 10 per TDR
16 In-operative/ dormant accounts ( No transaction for 2 years) 10.00 per annum
17 Cash Handling Charges ( Cash Deposits in to the account - other than remittances purpose )
Up to 1000

Above 1000

( If cash deposits of up to 1000 in the account is used for remittance on the same day or next day, the applicable cash handling charges ( for different currencies ) will be recovered and no free facility will be extended)


0.30 per 100

Note: 1. Charges for services not mentioned above would be made available on request.

2. All services listed here may not be available at all our branches

Coronavirus (Covid-19): support for our customers

We are closely monitoring the coronavirus (Covid-19) situation in U.K. and taking sensible precautions to make sure our customers are not inconvenienced while dealing with our Bank of India, U.K. branches.

Read our advice below on the steps you can take to stay aware of any possible impact on your finances.